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How to Make Lasting Changes in your Life

You could spend a lifetime studying habits and behavioral psychology. However, there’s only a handful of things you actually need to know. I’m going to outline the most important one for you here.

We all have things we want to change. I bet you could list some off the top of your head right now. Exercise more. Eat healthier. Sleep better. Save money. Any of these ring a bell for you?

So how do you actually achieve these goals? You change your behavior. That’s how. Easier said than done. Here’s the secret.

Changing your behavior is difficult. So you need to focus your efforts. Focus on regular habits, not individual behaviors

Focus on what you do regularly.

Don’t focus on the unhealthy meal you had for dinner last night. Focus on the regular habit you have of eating fast food for lunch Monday through Friday.

Don’t focus on the impulse shoe purchase you made this weekend. Focus on the habit you have of going to the mall when you’re bored or better yet focus on building a new regular habit of planning ahead with a spending money plan.

Changing behavior is hard, but you can do it. Focus your efforts. What is it that you want to change? Pick a specific regular habit and focus there.

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A lifelong student of habits and behavior change. Mike is the CEO and co-founder of Tip Yourself, a mobile app and community focused on saving money through positivity and small shifts in habits.

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