When you hear the word “habit” what comes to mind?

For many of us when we hear the word “habit” we immediately think about the things in our lives we’d like to change such as bitting our nails, smoking, hitting the snooze button too often, impulse shopping or too many diet cokes.

Don’t fall into that trap. Don’t focus on habits as only bad actions you need to “break”. Habits are not all bad.

You can also have good habits that help you achieve your goals. That includes saving money.

When you make saving money a regular habit. You establish a strong financial foundation that will help you achieve your money goals.

So how do you make saving money a habit?

Focus on Frequency Not Amounts

Your savings goal is typically a set dollar amount.

You may want to save $600 for your next vacation or maybe you want to save up a specific amount for an emergency fund.

The dollar amount of your savings goal is important but it shouldn’t be your focus day-to-day.

Instead focus less on how much you are saving and focus more on how often you are saving.

At first, that can sound silly. It’s not typically how our brains work. That’s why you need to fight against your initial instinct.

Trust me. Frequency is much more important than how much you are saving.

Habits are all about frequency. They are actions we take over and over again. They are things we do regularly week-to-week, month-to-month.

The only way you’re going to make saving money one of your habits is to make it a regular, frequent part of your weekly routine.

So stop worrying about how much you are saving each week. Focus instead on making sure you save something every single week.

Pick a day, Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Make that your saving money day every week and be sure to put something in your Tip Yourself Tip Jar every single week.

Some weeks it may only be $1 or $5. Other weeks it may be more.

However, remember. The amount doesn’t matter. Focus on the frequency, not the amount.

Patience and Persistence

Building a new habit is not something that happens overnight. Changing your habits is not easy, but you can do it if you stay patient and persistent.

Life will have its ups and downs. You’ll have good weeks and tough weeks.

You may have some weeks where you’re only able to put $1.00 in your Tip Jar.

How much you save each week doesn’t matter.

Remember, how much isn’t as important as how often.

Trust me. This works and it’s powerful, but you have to stay focused over the long-term.

Making big changes in your life takes time and anything that takes time will take patience and persistence.

Are you ready?

So what do you think? Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready to make saving money a habit?

Let’s set your first habit goal right now. I want you to save money every week for the next 6 weeks.

I don’t care how much you save. I want you to save something every week for the next 6 weeks.

Do you think you can do it?

I think you can and I’m happy to help keep you on track. If you want some help along the way, I’m here.

Shoot me an email at mike[@]tipyourself.com with the subject line “I’m ready to make saving money a habit“.

You can do this! Start this week!


A lifelong student of habits and behavior change. Mike is the CEO and co-founder of Tip Yourself, a mobile app and community focused on saving money through positivity and small shifts in habits.

3 thoughts on “Make Saving Money A Habit

    1. Not pathetic at all Janet. It’s okay for hard things to be hard. Saving money isn’t easy. Don’t let yourself get to frustrated with setbacks. Dust yourself off and start again. Today is a new day and a fresh start! You can do this!

  1. It’s difficult saving money when your job is only 9 months out of the yr. and your raising 2 teens that aren’t yours! Talk about Karma it has been a long hard summer!

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