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Why Tip Yourself is Different

In the world of personal finance apps and services, Tip Yourself stands out. We’re not like everyone else. We’re a bit different.

The inspiration for Tip Yourself came from the realization that the personal finance industry has been pumping out books, spreadsheets, seminars and apps for decades yet the number of folks struggling with money hasn’t changed much at all.


Why have statistics like the fact that nearly half of American adults have less than $400 in savings largely remained unchanged? Why can’t the banking and personal finance industry make a dent in that problem?

We believe it’s because no one is addressing the real problem when it comes to money. The existing industry treats money as a math problem. They treat it as a problem that can be solved with a spreadsheet.

That’s not the problem

No one struggles to save money because they haven’t found the right spreadsheet.

Money is not only math. Money is not just dollars and cents. Money is emotional, and for many of us, our relationship with money is abusive.

That’s the problem we set out to face when we built Tip Yourself and started down this crazy journey. The response and community of people that have rallied behind it and joined the Tip Yourself movement have been incredible.

So why is Tip Yourself different?

There are many things that make us unique as a community, but here are three of the big ones.

1. Habits and Mindset. Not Math.

The secret to long-term success with money is to focus on your habits and your mindset. Tip Yourself is based on the belief that a small shift in habits and a dose of positivity can change your life.

You know you need to save more money. You know you need to make a budget. You know what you have to do. Your habits and your mindset are what’s holding you back.

Focus on building a regular habit of saving money and less on the dollar amount you’re saving each time. Tip Yourself regularly, even if it’s just $1.00.

That may sound silly, but you’ll be surprised how fast your Tip Jar grows and more importantly the strong habit of regularly saving money is going to help you achieve your goals faster than ever before.

2. Be Honest. It’s not easy.

I cringe whenever I see a blog post or book that talks about 10 easy steps to getting out of debt or I paid off my student loans in 18 months and so can you! 

Here’s the real truth. Building new financial habits, learning to save money, and digging yourself out of debt isn’t easy. It’s not. It’s hard.

Whenever someone claims that money is easy, they’re doing a disservice to their readers or audience. If you tell someone it’s easy and then that person struggles, they start to feel like there’s something uniquely wrong with them.

If you’ve struggled with money, there’s nothing wrong with you. Join the club.

The honest truth is money’s not easy.

There will be ups and downs, good days and bad days. Building new habits and learning to save money consistently is not easy, but you can do it. You absolutely can achieve your goals, but don’t be fooled into thinking its always going to be easy.

3. No one else can do it for you.

Automated savings tools can be attractive. When we’re struggling with something it’s easy to slip into the idea that you can find something or someone to do it for us. It’s a trap.

Only you can change your life. No one can do it for you.

Automation is a great way to make things easier over time, but if you want to change your habits you have to do it yourself. You have to take an active role.

Open the Tip Yourself app, pick a dollar amount and the reason why you earned a tip, then Tip Yourself. Taking that physical action has a big impact.

As your Tip Jar balance grows you’ll take more pride in your success. You made that happen. No one can do it for you.

Join Us.

Are you still not a Tip Yourself member? Join us. We’re not like everybody else, but I think you’ll find that you’ll fit right in. CLICK HERE

A lifelong student of habits and behavior change. Mike is the CEO and co-founder of Tip Yourself, a mobile app and community focused on saving money through positivity and small shifts in habits.

5 thoughts on “Why Tip Yourself is Different

  1. Please, please, please! Add round up. That would help so much in saving.
    Thank you for considering it.
    TipYourself saver

  2. I was one of the many who bought several financial books that always made feel like I, how do I put this, never making enough to save, or that I had to save x amount… it was frustrating and made me not want to put forth the effort. Since finding Tip yourself, I believe through a Facebook ad, I have been able to save for a vehicle, to put insurance, plates and get some necessary repairs done to it, without having to borrow from anyone. Yes I did put back more than $1-$5 to make this happen because of my need of a vehicle. I love how easy and simple Tip yourself is to use and I will continue to use it. My next goal is to save a little bit here and there, more along the $1-5 range, to go on a vacation next year. Thank you Mike so much for creating this.

    1. YP! Thank you so much. I can’t express how great it is to get this type of feedback. For all of us on the team, it’s experiences like yours that make all the hard work worth it! Thank you!

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