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Have you tried the 52 Week Money Challenge? It can be a fun and rewarding way to save money. You can use the Tip Yourself App to help track your savings challenge and keep yourself motivated.

As a Tip Yourself member you know that saving money is all about habits. That’s why you focus on what you do regularly. Shifting your mindset to make saving money a source of reward.

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What is the 52 Week Money Challenge?

With the 52 Week Money Challenge, the goal is to save a specific amount of money each week and at the end of a year, you’ll have $1,352.00 in your Tip Jar!

Here’s how it works. In Week 1 you’ll Tip Yourself $1.00. Week 2, $2.00… etc. All the way up to Week 52 when you’ll tip $52.00.

You can add a special Money Challenge Tip Jar to help you keep track of your savings challenge progress.

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Why are money or savings challenges so popular?

Does the idea of a savings challenge seem silly to you? Why are they so popular? It’s all about providing a sense of accomplishment. Setting a goal and then working hard to achieve it can provide a great sense of reward.

With a savings challenge, you have a very specific objective each week. You can track and hold yourself accountable to that specific week’s goal. Breaking the larger goal of saving $1,352 into smaller steps makes it a more manageable goal.

Give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy checking off your savings challenge step each week.

52 Week Money Challenge Print Out

Here’s an image you can print or save to help you look ahead at your upcoming savings steps.

A lifelong student of habits and behavior change. Mike is the CEO and co-founder of Tip Yourself, a mobile app and community focused on saving money through positivity and small shifts in habits.

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